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Updated Pharmacological Effects, Molecular Mechanisms, and Therapeutic Potential of Natural Product Geniposide
【Abstract】 At present, the potential of natural products in new drug development has attracted more and more scientists’ attention, and natural products have become an important source for the treatment of various diseases or important lead compounds. Geniposide, as a novel iridoid glycoside compound, is an active natural product isolated from the herb Gardenia jasminoides Ellis (GJ) for the first time; it is also the main active component of GJ. Recent studies have found that geniposide has multiple pharmacological effects and biological activities, including hepatoprotective activity, an anti-osteoporosis effect, an antitumor effect, an anti-diabetic effect, ananti-myocardial dysfunction effect, a neuroprotective effect, and other protective effects. In this study, the latest research progress of the natural product geniposide is systematically described, and the pharmacological effects, pharmacokinetics, and toxicity of geniposide are also summarized and discussed comprehensively. We also emphasize the major pathways modulated by geniposide, offering new insights into the pharmacological effects of geniposide as a promising drug candidate for multiple disorders.
【Author】 Liping Liu, Qin Wu, Yuping Chen, Guoxiang Gu, Runan Gao, Bo Peng, Yue Wang, Anbang Li, Jipeng Guo, Xinru Xu, Xiaochen Shao, Lingxing Li, Ya Shen, Jihu Sun
【Journal】 Molecules(IF:3.1) Time:2022-05-22
【DOI】 10.3390/molecules27103319 [Quote]
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