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Accumulation, Directional Delivery and Release of Nanoparticles along a Nanofiber
【Abstract】 Controllably accumulating and delivering nanoparticles (NPs) into specific locations are a central theme of nano-engineering and important for targeted therapy or bacteria removal. Here we present a technique allowing bidirectional accumulation, directional delivery and release of nanoparticles through two 980-nm-wavelength counter-propagating evanescent waves in an optical nanofiber (NF). Using 713-nm-diameter polystyrene NPs suspension and an 890-nm-diameter NF as an example, we experimentally and theoretically demonstrate that the NPs delivered along the NF surface in opposite directions are accumulated into the region where the scattering loss of the NPs is maximum, and about 90% of the incident optical field from both ends of the NF can be coupled into the region. Moreover, the accumulation region can be controlled by altering the incident optical power ratio of the two counter-propagating laser beams, while the accumulated NPs can be delivered and then released into the specific locations by turning off the two lasers.
【Author】 Mingcong Wen, Benjun Yao, Shun Yuan, Hongxiang Lei
【Journal】 Molecules(IF:3.1) Time:2022-05-22
【DOI】 10.3390/molecules27103312 [Quote]
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