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Directly confirm of confinement effects by NiO confined in helical SnO2 nanocoils and its application in sensors
【Abstract】 Confinement effects in space-confined catalysts are attracting attentions due to its advantages like size contral, unique nanoscale chemical environments and designable nature of active sites. There are rarely works on directly confirmation of confinement effects because of restrictions of nanoscale confined space. Herein, we reported the fabrication of a novel structure that is composed of NiO nanoparticles confined in SnO2 nanocoils (I-NiSnNCs) via atomic layer deposition (ALD). The I-NiSnNCs displayed higher sensing performance to hydrogen than NiO-SnO2 film and NiO outside of-NiSnNCs and NiO both outside and inside of NiSnNCs sensors. The synergistic effect of interfacial sites is attributed to the reaction between adsorbed H on NiO and adsorbed O at interfacial active sites. “Funneling effect” formed because the concentration of hydrogen on NiO surface is higher than that of the gas state as the adsorbed H quickly react at interfacial active sites. The gas sensors offer a new way to directly confirm the confinement effect. And the confinement effects in return give a novel way to design sensing materials.
【Author】 Qingmin Hu, Cuixia Wu, Zhe Dong, Gaixia Zhang, Zhiheng Ma, Xiaohong Wang, shuhui Sun, Jiaqiang Xu
【Journal】 Journal of Materials Chemistry A(IF:10.7) Time:2021-12-05
【DOI】 10.1039/D1TA08630H [Quote]
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