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On the Move: Principal Components of the Functions and Experiences of Mobile Music Listening
【Abstract】 'Mobile music listening is widely recognized as an integral part of everyday music use. It is also a rather peculiar experience, since the listeners are surrounded by strangers in public and at the same time engaged in a solitary and private activity. The current study aimed at investigating the functions and experiences of mobile listening with a quantitative online questionnaire, and collected further information about mobile listening situations and listening habits. Among respondents (n = 203), 89% reported listening to music while being on the move. We found mood-related and cognitive functions to be most prevalent (e.g., enhancing mood, relaxation, prevention of being bored), whereas least important functions relate to social dimensions (e.g., feeling less lonely, feeling less watched). Regarding experiences of mobile music, respondents most commonly adapted their mood to the music and lost touch with the current surroundings. A principal component analysis on ratings of functions and experiences resulted in an underlying structure of five dimensions, representing different levels of involvement: (1) Mood Management comprises functions to satisfy individual needs; (2) Absorption and Aestheticization encompasses deep listening experiences and altered perception of the surroundings; (3) Social Encapsulation and Self-Focus describe the distancing of oneself and changes in attention; (4) Distraction and Passing Time include the prevention of being bored and making time pass faster; and (5) Auditory Background is defined by a non-attentive and rather unaffected music listening. These results highlight the immersiveness of mobile music listening. By creating an individual soundworld, listeners distance themselves from the surroundings aurally and mentally, and modify their attention, perception, moods, and emotions, leading to an improvement of daily life experiences while moving.'
【Author】 Mia Kuch, Clemens Wöllner
【Keywords】 Individual soundworld,listening habits,responses to music,solitary music listening,traveling
【Journal】 Music and Science(IF:1) Time:2021-07-22
【DOI】 10.1177/20592043211032852 [Quote]
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