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Geochemical analysis of colonoware and brick artifacts from Brook Green Plantation using portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
【Abstract】 'This study used data collected using a portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to examine ceramic artifacts found during the excavation of historic Brook Green Plantation, in Georgetown County, South Carolina. Excavations at this site yielded culturally significant artifacts associated with African and African American people held in bondage during the 19th century. The geochemical composition of Colonoware and brick artifacts was compared to clay samples that were taken from six locations on the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens. Some Colonoware sherds were found to be consistent with a clay source close to the excavation site. This research is part of a larger goal to demonstrate the applicability of portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in the analysis and interpretation of archaeological ceramics.'
【Author】 Alexis Widdifield, David T Palmer, Carolyn D Dillian
【Keywords】 South Carolina,historical archaeology,ceramics,geochemistry
【Journal】 North American Archaeologist(IF:1) Time:2021-07-22
【DOI】 10.1177/01976931211033998 [Quote]
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