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“You Had to be Reporting Constantly”: COVID-19’s impact on U.S. weekly newspapers’ journalistic routines
【Abstract】 'This study examines COVID-19’s impact on the journalistic routines of U.S. community newspapers during the pandemic’s early months. Oral history interviews with 22 journalists and state newspaper association directors indicate weekly journalists discarded entrenched journalistic routines to better serve their communities during a crisis. However, structural issues with business models, internet access and legal definitions of newspapers hinder weeklies from fully embracing the digital era during a crisis and in the long term.'
【Author】 Teri Finneman, Ryan J. Thomas
【Keywords】 community journalism,COVID-19,journalistic routines,newspaper,weeklies
【Journal】 Newspaper Research Journal(IF:1) Time:2021-07-22
【DOI】 10.1177/07395329211030390 [Quote]
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