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In-Situ One-Step Direct Loading of Agents in Poly(acrylic acid) Coating Deposited by Aerosol-Assisted Open-Air Plasma
【Abstract】 In biomaterials and biotechnology, coatings loaded with bioactive agents are used to trigger biological responses by acting as drug release platforms and modulating surface properties. In this work, direct deposition of poly(acrylic acid) coatings containing various agents, such as dyes, fluorescent molecules, was achieved by aerosol-assisted open-air plasma. Using an original precursors injection strategy, an acrylic acid aerosol was loaded with an aqueous aerosol and deposited on silicon wafers. Results clearly showed that agents dissolved in the aqueous aerosol were successfully entrapped in the final coating. The effect of aerosols concentration, flow rate, and treatment time, on the coating morphology and the amount of entrapped agents, was also investigated. It was demonstrated that this process has the potential to entrap a tunable amount of any sensible water-soluble agent without altering its activity. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that the loading of an aqueous aerosol in coatings deposited by plasma from a liquid aerosol precursor is reported. This innovative approach complements plasma deposition of coatings loaded with bioactive agents from aqueous aerosols with the use of non-volatile liquid precursors.
【Author】 Gabriel Morand, Pascale Chevallier, Cédric Guyon, Michael Tatoulian, Diego Mantovani
【Journal】 Polymers(IF:3.2) Time:2021-06-11
【DOI】 10.3390/polym13121931 [Quote]
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