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A Polymer-Biologic Hybrid Hernia Construct: Review of Data and Early Experiences
【Abstract】 Surgical mesh reinforcement of the human abdominal wall has been found to reduce the chance of recurrence in hernia repairs. While traditionally polymer meshes have been used in hernia repair, alternative mesh options have been engineered to prevent the inflammatory foreign body response invoked by polymers. A reinforced tissue matrix (RTM) mesh has been developed by embedding a polymer within a decellularized extracellular matrix. This combination has been attributed to the recruitment of host cells, a pro-healing response, and attenuation of the foreign body response. This has been observed to lead to the regeneration of functional tissue within the repair site that is reinforced by the polymer to offload abdominal pressures over time. This manuscript presents the review of OviTex, an RTM, in several types of hernia repair. The authors have found that the use of RTM in hernia repair is effective in preventing foreign body response, promoting wound healing, and providing reinforcement to lower the risk of hernia recurrence.
【Author】 Michael Sawyer, Stephen Ferzoco, George DeNoto
【Journal】 Polymers(IF:3.2) Time:2021-06-11
【DOI】 10.3390/polym13121928 [Quote]
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