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The profunda artery perforator free flap for lower extremity reconstruction
【Abstract】 Background The profunda artery perforator (PAP) flap has been reported in several types of reconstructions. This report aims to evaluate the usefulness and the clinical outcome of patients who underwent the PAP free flap for lower limb reconstruction. Methods Between February 2018 and February 2020, nine patients with injury at lower third of the leg, foot dorsum or foot plant (eight acute injuries and one chronic ulcer) were selected. Mean wound size was 12.5 × 6.3 cm (9 × 5–14.5 × 6.5). Inclusion criteria consisted in patient's request to hide the donor site scar and the absence of previous traumas or surgery in the donor site. Patients considered unable to bear prolonged surgery were excluded. Patients underwent preoperative CT angiography and peri‐operative Doopler, for perforator selection. All flaps were designed with pinch test, in elliptical shape. Microvascular anastomosis was performed to the tibialis anterior/posterior or medial plantar vessels. Outcomes were evaluated in terms of wound coverage success and patient's quality of life through Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) questionnaire. Results The mean size of the harvested skin paddle was 13.5 × 7.4 cm (9 × 6–15 × 8) and mean pedicle length was 8.5 cm. Mean flap harvest time was 43.5 min (35–55). Flap survival rate was 100%, with one re‐exploration with minimal partial flap loss. Mean follow‐up was 13.5 months . Reconstructive results were successful in wound coverage and function. All patients reported satisfaction with their result by LEFS questionnaire (score:64.7). Conclusion With proper patient selection, there was 100% flap survival rate with no major complication. According to our data, the PAP free flap could be a valuable option for lower extremity reconstruction.
【Author】 Pedro Ciudad, Juste Kaciulyte, Federico Lo Torto, Maria Ines Vargas, Atenas Bustamante, Hung‐Chi Chen, Michele Maruccia, Jaroslav Zulueta, Emilio Trignano, Alberto Bolletta
【Journal】 Microsurgery(IF:1.9) Time:2021-04-23
【DOI】 10.1002/micr.30745 [Quote]
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