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1.Directly confirm of confinement effects by NiO confined in helical SnO2 nanocoils and its application in sensors

2.Optimal Bundling of Events

3.Biomechanical model of cells probing the myosin-II-independent mechanosensing mechanism

4.A 28-GHz reconfigurable 1-bit substrate-integrated-waveguide based phase shifter

5.Design of a liquid crystal beam-steerable antenna with characteristic mode analysis

6.A polarization-insensitive time-modulated frequency-selective surface for broad frequency range

7.Effect of second harmonic and second-order intermodulation on third-order passive intermodulation

8.Effects of advance notice on transition-related pausing in pigeons

9.Joint power allocation and cooperative analog beamforming for ultra-dense low Earth orbit satellite constellation networks

10.Factors affecting the frequency and contents of routine antenatal care in remote rural China in 2009-2016: an observational study

11.Development and validation of a prediction model for bothersome stress urinary incontinence after prolapse surgery: a retrospective cohort study

12.Distinct contributions of drought avoidance and drought tolerance to yield improvement in dryland wheat cropping

13.Nitrogen supplement attenuates drought stress for non-leguminous hybrid plant fescue and does not affect nitrogen-fixing alfalfa

14.Spectroscopic studies, quantum chemical investigations, and in silico and in vitro scrutiny of the diuretic drug trichlormethiazide adsorbed on AuNPs

15.Non-Gaussian, transiently anomalous, and ergodic self-diffusion of flexible dumbbells in crowded two-dimensional environments: Coupled translational and rotational motions