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1.Cancer in Iran 2008 to 2025: Recent incidence trends and short‐term predictions of the future burden

2.An Effective Deep Neural Network Method for Prediction of Battery State at Cell and Module Level

3.Effectively and accurately mapping global biodiversity patterns for different regions and taxa

4.Above‐ and belowground biodiversity jointly drive ecosystem stability in natural alpine grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau

5.The effects of using an ionic liquid as a solvent for a reaction that proceeds through a phenonium ion

6.Study on the synthesis and theoretical calculation of a chlorine‐substituted thiosemicarbazone derivative

7.Effect of roasting treatments on total phenol, antioxidant activity, fatty acid compositions and phenolic compounds of teff grains

8.Effects of alternate wetting and drying irrigation management and air temperature during grainfill on rice grain physicochemical and functionality traits of US inbred varieties

9.Incorporation of yellow pea flour into white pan bread

10.Systematic review of factors associated with hope in family carers of persons living with chronic illness

11.The profunda artery perforator free flap for lower extremity reconstruction

12.Microglial synaptic pruning on axon initial segment spines of dentate granule cells: Sexually dimorphic effects of early‐life stress and consequences for adult fear response

13.From history of science to history of knowledge? Themes and perspectives in colonial Australasia

14.Comparing complications in irradiated and non‐irradiated free‐flaps in patients with bilateral immediate breast reconstruction and unilateral post‐mastectomy radiotherapy

15.Total nasal reconstruction with pre‐laminated, super‐thin anterolateral thigh flap: A case report