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Nuclear effects in extracting sin2θW and a probe for short-range correlations
【Abstract】 We investigate the neutral-current neutrino-nucleon deep inelastic scattering with particular emphasis on short-range correlation (SRC) and the European Muon Collaboration (EMC) effect, as well as their impact on the weak-mixing angle sin2θW determination. The ratios of relevant structure functions are presented where the nuclei are chosen as carbon, iron, and lead. One kind of universal modification function is proposed which would provide a nontrivial test of SRC universality on the platform of neutrino-nucleon deep inelastic scattering. In addition, we study the impact of “SRC-driven” nuclear effects on the extraction of sin2θW which is naturally associated with the renowned NuTeV anomaly. The results indicate that these effects may account for a substantial fraction of the NuTeV anomaly and considerably affect the value of extracted sin2θW.
【Author】 Xing-Hua Yang, Fei Huang, Ji Xu
【Journal】 Physical Review D(IF:4.4) Time:2023-09-20
【DOI】 10.1103/PhysRevD.108.053005 [Quote]
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