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Predictions for muon electric and magnetic dipole moments from h→μ+μ− in two-Higgs-doublet models with new leptons
【Abstract】 We calculate chirally enhanced corrections to the muon’s electric and magnetic dipole moments in two-Higgs-doublet models extended by vector-like leptons, and we explore a sharp correlation between h→μ+μ− and the muon’s dipole moments in these models. Among many detailed predictions, for a model with new leptons with the same quantum numbers as standard model leptons, we find that 0.38≲tanβ≲21 necessarily requires a muon electric dipole moment to be observed at near-future experiments, assuming h→μ+μ− is measured within 1% of the standard model prediction for the current central value of the measured muon magnetic moment. In all studied models, the predicted values of the electric dipole moment can reach up to current experimental limits. Moreover, we show that in some models there can be two sources of chiral enhancement, parametrizing the correlation between h→μ+μ− and the dipole moments by a complex number. This leads to sign-preferred predictions for the electric dipole moment.
【Author】 Radovan Dermisek, Keith Hermanek, Navin McGinnis, Sangsik Yoon
【Journal】 Physical Review D(IF:4.4) Time:2023-09-20
【DOI】 10.1103/PhysRevD.108.055019 [Quote]
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