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A Survey of Latest Wi-Fi Assisted Indoor Positioning on Different Principles
【Abstract】 As the location-based service (LBS) plays an increasingly important role in real life, the topic of positioning attracts more and more attention. Under different environments and principles, researchers have proposed a series of positioning schemes and implemented many positioning systems. With widely deployed networks and massive devices, wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology is promising in the field of indoor positioning. In this paper, we survey the authoritative or latest positioning schemes for Wi-Fi-assisted indoor positioning. To this end, we describe the problem and corresponding applications, as well as an overview of the alternative methods. Then, we classify and analyze Wi-Fi-assisted indoor positioning schemes in detail, as well as review related work. Furthermore, we point out open challenges and forecast promising directions for future work.
【Author】 Jihan Dai, Maoyi Wang, Bochun Wu, Jiajie Shen, Xin Wang
【Journal】 Sensors(IF:3) Time:2023-09-19
【DOI】 10.3390/s23187961 [Quote]
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