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Random Telegraph Noise Degradation Caused by Hot Carrier Injection in a 0.8 μm-Pitch 8.3Mpixel Stacked CMOS Image Sensor †
【Abstract】 In this work, the degradation of the random telegraph noise (RTN) and the threshold voltage (Vt) shift of an 8.3Mpixel stacked CMOS image sensor (CIS) under hot carrier injection (HCI) stress are investigated. We report for the first time the significant statistical differences between these two device aging phenomena. The Vt shift is relatively uniform among all the devices and gradually evolves over time. By contrast, the RTN degradation is evidently abrupt and random in nature and only happens to a small percentage of devices. The generation of new RTN traps by HCI during times of stress is demonstrated both statistically and on the individual device level. An improved method is developed to identify RTN devices with degenerate amplitude histograms.
【Author】 Calvin Yi-Ping Chao, Thomas Meng-Hsiu Wu, Shang-Fu Yeh, Chih-Lin Lee, Honyih Tu, Joey Chiao-Yi Huang, Chin-Hao Chang
【Journal】 Sensors(IF:3) Time:2023-09-19
【DOI】 10.3390/s23187959 [Quote]
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