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On the Interpretation of Quantum Indistinguishability : a No-Go Theorem
【Abstract】 Despite being the most fundamental object in quantum theory, physicists are yet to reach a consensus on the interpretation of a quantum wavefunction. In the broad class of realist approaches, quantum states are viewed as Liouville-like probability distributions over some space of physical variables where indistinguishabity of non-orthogonal states is attributed to overlaps between these distributions. Here we argue that such an interpretation of quantum indistinguishability is wrong. In particular, we show that quantum mechanical prediction of maximal violation of Mermin inequality in certain thought experiment is incompatible with all ontological interpretations for quantum theory where indistinguishability of non-orthonal quantum states is explained, even partially, in terms of overlap of their Liouville distributions.
【Author】 Bhowmik, Anandamay Das, Parashar, Preeti
【Journal】 arxiv(IF:1) Time:2022-04-22
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