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Multiple-photon bundle emission in the $n$-photon Jaynes-Cummings model
【Abstract】 We study the multiple-photon bundle emission in the $n$-photon Jaynes-Cummings model composed of a two-level system coupled to a single-mode optical field via the $n$-photon exciting process. Here, the two-level system is strongly driven by a near-resonant monochromatic field, and hence the system can work in the Mollow regime, in which a super-Rabi oscillation between the zero-photon state and the $n$-photon state can take place under proper resonant conditions. We calculate the photon number populations and the standard equal-time high-order correlation functions, and find that the multiple-photon bundle emission can occur in this system. The multiple-photon bundle emission is also confirmed by investigating the quantum trajectories of the state populations and both the standard and generalized time-delay second-order correlation functions for multiple-photon bundle. Our work paves the way towards the study of multiple-photon quantum coherent devices, with potential application in quantum information sciences and technologies.
【Author】 Jiang, Shu-Yuan, Zou, Fen, Wang, Yi, Huang, Jin-Feng, Xu, Xun-Wei, Liao, Jie-Qiao
【Journal】 arxiv(IF:1) Time:2022-04-22
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