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Transport theory for topological Josephson junctions with a Majorana qubit
【Abstract】 We construct a semiclassical theory for the transport of topological junctions starting from a microscopic Hamiltonian that comprehensively includes the interplay among the Majorana qubit, the Josephson phase, and the dissipation process. With the path integral approach, we derive a set of semiclassical equations of motion that can be used to calculate the time evolution of the Josephson phase and the Majorana qubit. In the equations we reveal rich dynamical phenomena such as the qubit induced charge pumping, the effective spin-orbit torque, and the Gilbert damping. We demonstrate the influence of these dynamical phenomena on the transport signatures of the junction. We apply the theory to study the Shapiro steps of the junction, and find the suppression of the first Shapiro step due to the dynamical feedback of the Majorana qubit.
【Author】 Wang, Zhi, Feng, Jia-Jin, Huang, Zhao, Niu, Qian
【Journal】 arxiv(IF:1) Time:2022-04-22
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