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Persistence and Nonpersistence of East and Southeast Asian Rainfall Anomaly Pattern From Spring to Summer


The present study analyzes the connection of rainfall anomalies over East and Southeast Asia between spring and summer. Spatial patterns of contrasting rainfall anomalies between East Asia and the Indochina Peninsula are identified in both spring and summer. The persistence of more rainfall over East Asia and less rainfall over the Indochina Peninsula from spring to summer is associated with the maintenance of an anomalous low‐level anticyclone over the tropical western North Pacific. Further analysis shows that this anomalous anticyclone is attributed to the combined effects of persisting positive sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTAs) in the tropical Indian Ocean and negative SSTAs in the subtropical western Pacific. In contrast, in the nonpersistent rainfall anomaly years, the anomalous anticyclone over the western North Pacific displaces southward from spring to summer. One factor accounting for such a change is the dissipation of the negative SSTAs in the subtropical western Pacific from spring to summer, which weakens the SST forcing on the western North Pacific anticyclone. The other factor is an atmospheric wave train associated with the negative SSTAs in the eastern North Atlantic Ocean. The atmospheric wave train propagates eastward across the Eurasian continent and reaches East Asia. The wave pattern contributes to the development and southward displacement of an anomalous cyclone over East Asia, which causes a southward shift in the western North Pacific anticyclone. The effect of the North Atlantic negative SSTAs on the atmospheric wave pattern is supported by numerical experiments.

Keywords: anomalous anticyclone, East and Southeast Asia, North Atlantic SSTAs, persistence of rainfall anomaly pattern, tropical Indo‐Pacific SSTAs

Author: Qi Feng Qian, Renguang Wu, Xiao Jing Jia
Journal: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres( IF:1 )   Time:2020-09-16
DOI:10.1029/2020JD033404    [Quote]
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