Single and multi-objective shape optimization of streamlined bridge decks


Civil engineers focus on developing an optimum design that is cost-effective without compromising the performance. Experiences from optimizing airplane wings in aerospace engineering have been extensively made for the last decades where the aim is to maximize the lift-to-drag ratios. In civil engineering, shape optimization of tall buildings and bridge cross-sections is still an open research field where the aim is to enhance the aerodynamic behavior of these structures. The main challenge, however, is to develop bridge decks that avoid excessive deformations and ensure a sufficient structural reliability. Within this framework, the paper outlines the single and multi-objective shape optimization for static aerodynamic forces of a streamlined box section. Computational fluid dynamic simulation based on vortex particle method provides the quantities of interest which are approximately treated by a Kriging surrogate for the optimization. Later, the performance of the optimized structure is checked against flutter instability.

Keywords: Shape optimization, Static wind coefficients, Streamlined box section, Single and multi-objective optimization, Kriging, Bridge design

Author: Zouhour Jaouadi, Tajammal Abbas, Guido Morgenthal, Tom Lahmer
Journal: Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization( IF:3.925 )   Time:2020-02-14
DOI:10.1007/s00158-019-02431-3    [Quote]
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