1.The varying patterns of rail transit ridership and their relationships with fine-scale built environment factors: Big data analytics from Guangzhou

2.Transport's historical, contemporary and future role in shaping urban development: Re-evaluating transit oriented development

3.Indirect effect of different dietary protein to energy ratio of bait fish mori diets on growth performance, body composition, nitrogen metabolism and relative AMPK & mTOR pathway gene expression of Chinese perch

4.‘Let’s Move on, Please’: Trust and Employment Relations in Early-stage Start-ups

5.PVA-based peelable films loaded with tetraethylenepentamine for the removal of corrosion products from bronze

6.TAT modification facilitates nose-to-brain transport of intact mPEG-PDLLA micelles: Evidence from aggregation-caused quenching probes

7.Lignin degradation and detoxification of eucalyptus wastes by on-site manufacturing fungal enzymes to enhance second-generation ethanol yield

8.Machine-learning based hybrid demand-side controller for high-rise office buildings with high energy flexibilities

9.Multiple group search optimization based on decomposition for multi-objective dispatch with electric vehicle and wind power uncertainties

10.Multiphysical field measurement and fusion for battery electric-thermal-contour performance analysis

11.A pixel counting based method for designing shading devices in buildings considering energy efficiency, daylight use and fading protection

12.A prospective longitudinal study of mobile touch screen device use and musculoskeletal symptoms and visual health in adolescents

13.Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The importance of electricity rate design for household defection from the power grid

14.The intelligibility of speech in university classrooms during lectures

15.Noise masking in high population country using sound of water fountain

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