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1.Towards sustainable food systems: Can spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) become a sustainable source of protein to enhance the nutritional benefits of cultured Nile tilapia?

2.Chemical analysis and bioactive compounds from agrifood by products of peruvian crops

3.Effect of plantation age on plant and soil C:N:P stoichiometry in Kentucky bluegrass pastures

4.Trade impact analysis on the profit and loss of agroecosystem service value in Guangdong Province

5.Selected elements of the lifestyle of Silesian seniors, taking into account their participation in the activities of the Third Age Universities

6.Mutating alfalfa COUMARATE 3-HYDROXYLASE using multiplex CRISPR/Cas9 leads to reduced lignin deposition and improved forage quality

7.Localized hamstring bioimpedance in marathon runners is related to muscle high-energy enzyme serum levels and predicts race time

8.In-hospital stroke protocol outcomes before and after the implementation of neurological assessments by telemedicine: an observational case–control study

9.Small and large fiber neuropathy in adults with myotonic dystrophy type 1

10.Acute and chronic central nervous system oxidative stress/toxicity during hyperbaric oxygen treatment of subacute and chronic neurological conditions

11.Assessment and analysis of accents in air traffic control speech: a fusion of deep learning and information theory

12.Remote Sensing of Damage Inflicted on Coastal Wetlands of Southern Louisiana from Tropical Storms

13.Morphological Response of Coral Reef Islands to the 2019 Extreme Positive Indian Ocean Dipole Event

14.A Comparison of Beach Profile Methods from Technical, Operational, and Economical Dimensions

15.Factors Influencing Carbon Burial in Holocene Sediments of the Coastal Zone of Subei Basin (Eastern China)