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1.Instrument-residual estimator for multi-valued instruments under full monotonicity

2.Brain natriuretic peptide and N-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide in kidney transplantation: More than just cardiac markers

3.Polymer-functionalized metal-organic framework nanosheet membranes for efficient CO2 capture

4.Modified multi-walled carbon nanotube and silanized MXene electrostatic assembly enables antimicrobial, conductive Mixed Matrix Membranes for efficient electrochemical cleaning

5.Influencer marketing and product competition

6.Orbital Apex Syndrome in a child with a Dentigerous Cyst: Case Report

7.The Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift to Treat Post-Radiation Lymphedema

8.Efficiency and energy consumption of the automated container yard with twin rail-mounted gantry cranes considering crane scheduling strategies and handshake area designs

9.Dynamics modeling and analysis of planetary gear mechanism under mixed elastohydrodynamic lubrication

10.Recompensation in MASLD-related cirrhosis via metabolic bariatric surgery

11.Cavity-Length Spectrum Sensing (CLSS) based on multi fiber Fabry-Pérot(F-P) cavities for refractive index monitoring

12.A simple and effective method to compensate the thermal drift of implantable blood pressure sensors

13.Fabrication and development of high temperature resisted bronze composites using 3D printed gate pattern through stir casting route

14.Bioresource integration approach of sustainable green-diesel production from waste mutton using waste goat bone as biohetrogeneous catalyst

15.A thermodynamic computational model analysis of a newly designed Tri-Rotor (T-R) volume air compressor